Concert 2 Band

Director: Ken ringel

The Concert 2 Band will perform at all concerts held on the MHS campus. The focus of this group is development of skills with emphasis on fundamentals. Preparation and participation in the McKinney solo and ensemble contest is strongly encouraged. Private lessons are strongly encouraged. Financial aid is available. Participation in the marching band is required. Students will receive P.E. waiver for marching band during fall semester and Fine Arts credit during spring semester.

Required Materials

All Members:

  • Black 1" three ring binder in good condition
  • All music organized in binder (no sheet protectors)
  • Pencil
  • Metronome & Tuner (at home)


  • Three reeds in good shape (if applicable)


  • Valve/rotor oil/slide grease
  • Mutes/towel for mutes (when applicable)


  • Stick bag
  • Assortment of mallets/sticks